Copyright Compliance

On April 16th at Flint-First, the Presbytery of Lake Huron sponsoed a free all-day Copyright Compliance training course.  Training was led by Susan Fontaine Godwin, President and Founder of Christian Copyright Solutions in Alabama. She has been working with and training church personnel in copyright compliance for over 16 years.  She is also a professor of Copyright Law and the Church and Intellectual Property at the University of Mobile and author of Solving the Puzzle of Copyright Compliance: Why & How We Honor Copyrights.

We had a great turnout with more than 60 people from 23 congregations attending.

Check out the slideshow of the event:

Thank you very much to Flint-First for being such wonderful hosts.  A huge thank you as well to our training facilitator, Susan Fontaine Godwin.  We are very grateful that she was willing to share her expertise with us.

While there were not materials distributed at the event that we can share with you, during the day Susan highlighted several items on the Copyright Solvers website that will be of use to you.

Here are some of those links for you:

Christian Copyright Solvers home page 


Information and ideas under the Learning Center tab:


Fact Sheets covering a wide range of copyright issues


Brief videos explaining some copyright issues


Debunking some common myths


Other areas of their website with great info:


Copyright Community blog with a lot of great info


Report Card quiz on how compliant your church is and the areas that need to looked at more closely


These links were mentioned by attendees: 


Public Domain royalty free music


Faith Clip Art clip art and other graphics available for an annual fee


Church Art clip art and other graphics available for an annual fee


We encourage you to pass along this information to others who may find it useful.